Sportsmanship Policy

Sportsman:  A person who engages in sports; One who plays fairly and wins or loses gracefully.

We are asking all coaches, players and spectators to sign and follow this sportsmanship policy, not only for this athletic activity but to also use it as a guideline for the rest of your athletic career. 

You are representatives of your team, school, and community.  As a member you are expected to exhibit common decency, courtesy, fairness and respect.  You are expected to accept the results of all contests and to respect the decisions of all officials and or administrators. 

As you sign the GYB Sportsmanship Policy Agreement form, please realize this is to be considered your warning and failure to follow these guidelines will lead to your dismissal from the practice, game, team or league.

Guidelines and Expectations

1) A coach, player or spectator should respect the rules of the game, the officials who administer those rules and their decisions.  Administrators and even personnel reserve the right to remove any person or persons from any athletic facility for inappropriate, unsportsmanlike behavior.

2) A coach, player or spectator should treat members of their own teams as well as their officials, opponents and opposing spectators with respect.

3) A coach, player or spectators' behavior on the court or in the stands should be controlled and exhibit a sense of dignity under all circumstances.  You should refrain from engaging in any kid of disrespectful behavior.  NO taunting, fighting or foul language.

4) These guidelines should be followed at all practices, as well as all home or away games.

If everyone follows these guidelines it will make your experience more enjoyable and successful.  It will also lead to positive values, accetable behavior and self-discipline that can be used throughout your life.